Womans World Wrestling Videos

::: TPC3-95 :::
::: Lisa Marie in America :::
::: 50 minutes :::

Over the years we've often had the pleasure of producing videos as joint ventures with our friends from TPCWestling.com

  • Lisa Marie (5'10" - 150 lbs - New Zealand)
  • vs Sasha Lee (5'5" - 145 lbs - USA)
  • vs Jill Munroe (5'5" & 145 lbs - USA)
  • vs Christine Marshall (5'2" - 145 lbs - USA)

We don't think Lisa Marie knew what she was taking on when she agreed to visit the USA and fight three top Florida wrestlers. Although she was taller and slightly heavier, all three Americans were far more experienced.

Lisa Marie looked extremely relaxed and confident as she faced blonde Sasha and soon put the American under immense pressure using her height to full advantage. She took the fight to Sasha with some excellent controlling holds.

Jill trains every day and has a well defined athletic body, but when she confronted the New Zealand Amazon - like Sasha she found Lisa Marie in no mood to give anything away.

Christine has shown how her powerful legs and upper body strength can make even male opponents scream, but Lisa Marie used all her height advantage to try to control Christine's brute strength. A fascinating fight and a surprising result!

Three truly competitive all topless matches between four female athletes. Lisa Marie battled well and surprised many with her tenacious wrestling style.

One match took place as a Tropical Storm raged outside... but it took second place and didn't spoil the excellent action!

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