Womans World Wrestling Videos

::: TPC2-95 :::
::: American Catfights :::
::: 58 minutes :::

Over the years we've often had the pleasure of producing videos as joint ventures with our friends from TPCWestling.com

  • Rose vs Stephanie
  • Rose vs Sherry
  • Jill vs Christine

Rose was born in Texas, the 'Lone Star State' and loves to catfight! She had participated in several private matches exclusively for her husband so we were thrilled when she agreed to allow us to film her contacting her opponents. With her lovely physique, she likes to use her own rules which include slapping and hair pulling!
Rose and Stephanie have their first fight in an apartment, both down to their underwear, submission being the goal.

In her second fight Rose agrees to meet Sherry in the 'Woman's World' gym and catfight in the ring. Sherry began wrestling in high school and is very experienced, but she soon finds Rose is aggressive and very hard to control. Both these matches feature lots of hairpulling and slapping and continuous action until one tires too much to continue.

The third fight on this tape sees Jill set up to meet another female but at the door finds bodybuilder Christine instead! Dominated at first, Jill slows Christine down with a stomach punch and is able to turn the fight around. Both woman look stunning in full underwear, stockings and high heels.

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