Womans World Wrestling Videos

::: TPC1-95 :::
::: Long Pin Wrestling Matches :::
::: 55 minutes :::

Over the years we've often had the pleasure of producing videos as joint ventures with our friends from TPCWestling.com

  • Roxy (5'5" - 135 lbs) vs Racquel (5'5" - 115 lbs)
  • Kayla (5'5" - 105 lbs) vs Candi (5'8" - 135 lbs)
  • Jill (5'5" - 145 lbs) vs Rose (5'7" - 125 lbs)

The first match is a topless encounter between two attractive wrestlers, busty blonde Roxy against slim auburn-haired Racquel. The much lighter Racquel puts up a determined fight against her northern opponent.

Kayla takes on the heavier and more experienced Candi in the second match, both girls wearing bikinis. After a slow start Candi dominates her smaller opponent with several long pins.

The third of these matches finds Jill facing newcomer Rose, a very keen and difficult opponent. Rose prefers Catfights, but soon shows that she can wrestle too!

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