Womans World Wrestling Videos


How many videos are there?

NOT all 800 just yet! But we will be adding 1-3 videos weekly! Sometimes more.

What format are the videos in?

Windows Media 9. WMV9 can be played on any computer, including Macs, with Windows Media Player 9 or higher. There are 3rd party players that will play WMV9 also.

How long are the videos?

The time of each is indicated. Some are 30 minutes, many are 90 minutes or more.

What do they cost?

The price of each is indicated. Prices vary by video length... 30+ minutes are 19.95, 45+ minutes 21.95, 60+ 24.95 etc... Watch for deals and intro specials!

Why does the 1-900 option cost more than other payment options?

The phone company charges us more than the credit card companies. And they don't pay us until 4 months later.

Do I need a broadband connection?

YES! Please do NOT PURCHASE a video unless you have highspeed internet. Or unless you're very patient. Some videos are over 300 megs. Email us to arrange a DVD.

Are these streaming videos?

No. Why would you want that? Our videos download to your computer so you can watch them as often as you like.

I don't know much about downloading videos. What if I have a problem?

It's easier than you think! And we're here to help. Simply email us if you have a question or a problem.

What name shows up on my credit card?

Tickets Club. From the US you can use 1-900 and TicketsClub will appear on your phone bill.

What if I buy more than 1?

Buy 5 and we'll give you your choice of video free! And it repeats... every time you hit another 5 you get a sixth free!

I'm already a member of WildWomenWrestling.com and/or

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