Womans World Wrestling Videos

::: SLV-664 :::
::: 'Bored Biker Girls':::
::: 'Dr. Jack Is Out':::
::: 'Burglar Boy':::
::: 69 minutes :::

Bored Biker Girls Have Fun: Storm, Shelli, Kaye and Tonya Vs. Tim Dr. Jack Is Out: Lita Vs. Jack Burglar Boy: Xena Vs. Alan Bored Biker Girls (Storm, Shelli, Kaye and Tonya & Tim) snatch an unsuspecting victim off the street then tie him up and have their way with him: smothering, trampling and humiliating him.

Dr. Jack has more than his hands full with patient Lita: his calming words only incite her into a serious scissor fury.

Novice Burglar Boy Alan picks the wrong victim when he surprises Xena at home. When she is finished with him he considers pursuing a different line of work.

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