Womans World Wrestling Videos

::: SLV-651 :::
::: Boston Crab Submissions :::
::: 122 minutes :::

This compilation video contains 71 matches with 57 different ladies and one thing in common: the end comes with a Boston Crab submission! For Boston Crab lovers this is a dream come true!

And don't forget, with over 57 different women in the video your favorites are bound to be there...Jill, Sasha, Rose, Cathy, Christine, Storm, Shelly, Isis and more!

As a DVD this 2 hour plus extravaganza is normally priced at 49.95... you get all the action as a download for just 29.95!

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Just 29.95! for over 2 HOURS of Boston Crabs! | 354 megs!

122 minutes for just 29.95!
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