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::: SLV-647 :::
::: Sasha: Defeated & Dominated :::
::: 2 hours 3 minutes :::

Over 2 hours of one of our all time fan favorites, Sasha. She was sexy and athletic with a powerful yet voluptuous physique. Sasha certainly handed out many a beating and won far more fights than she lost but she shows her greatness in the fact that she could take a beating as well as hand one out!

We compiled 20 matches with 20 different ladies in which the voluptuous Sasha is soundly thrashed. You get to see the busty beauty subdued, stripped and dominated. This two hour video is priced at $49.95 and counts as 2 videos in a 4 for $100.00 package.... specially priced as a download at just 29.95.

Just 29.95 for 123 minutes of video!

350 megabytes | 123 minutes of action!
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