Womans World Wrestling Videos

::: SLV-272 :::
::: Tall Order :::
::: Better than You :::
::: 52 minutes :::

Sleepers, face claws and breast smothers are the dominating finishes featured in these two videos.

Tall Order matches Jill (5' 5" - 128 lbs) against Joy (6' 1" - 175 lbs) in a best of five falls bikini wrestling submissions match. Can the smaller girl survive the onslaught of the bigger one? You will have to see for yourself. And it's hard to imagine finding another match with 2 such stunning women...

In Better Than You, Alexis and Candi have a contest to see who can knockout Aquel the fastest. When the knockout times are disputed Candi and Alexis go after each other.

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