Womans World Wrestling Videos

:: SLV-228 ::
:: Wipe Out::
:: Sneak Attack ::
:: 72 minutes

Wipe Out is a best of 7 falls topless submissions match between vetran Sarah (5'5 - 100 lbs) and new girl Xena (5'8 - 120 lbs). One lady is clearly overwhelmed in four straight falls. Finishing holds include: neck scissors, reverse chin-lock, fulcrum neck scissors, and arm choke out.

Sneak Attacks again matches a veteran Samantha (5'7 - 128 lbs) with a novice Anka (5'6 - 110 lbs). This best of 5 falls match concluded in three falls. Finishing submissions used were: cross pin and reverse head lock combo, standing head scissors, and a strait jacket choke out. After each fall the loser was stripped and posed. But even when the match concluded there was additional action just waiting to happen....

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