Womans World Wrestling Videos

::: SLV-178 :::
::: Face Sitting Submissions :::
::: Stacked Deck :::
::: 49 minutes :::

The first match between Kayla (5'4" - 108 lbs) and Raquel (5'5" - 110 lbs) is a three falls, face-sit submissions battle. The ladies wrestle in dresses, black dominatrix bikinis and t-backs. Changing outfits for each fall. The outcome however is always the same: a finishing face sit.

In Stacked Deck, Sarah & Zora pair against Gemini in a one fall handicap submission match. The action is fast-paced as the team tag often in an effort to wear down Gemini. The end when it comes is a total triumph for one and a humiliating defeat for the other.

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