Womans World Wrestling Videos

SLV-149 :::
:: Submission: Zoe vs Rashon ::
:: 44 minutes ::

This is the 100th video we have made available online so it is specially priced at just 17.95!

Zoe vs Rashon

Rashon (5'6" - 120 lbs) and Zoe (5'7" - 130 lbs) wrestle topless in seven submission falls. Both wrestle in a specially provided female jockstrap. Finishing holds include:

  • waist scissors/chin lock combo
  • standing head scissors/hammerlock combo
  • reverse figure four neck scissors
  • reverse face-sit/stomach claw
  • waist scissor with reverse head lock combo
  • chin lock/neck breaker
  • heart punch

The loser is out cold, flat on her back as the winner poses triumphantly over her.

Just 17.95! 44 minutes!

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