Womans World Wrestling Videos

::: SLV-137 :::
::: A Real Soapy Mess :::
::: Bully Girl :::
::: 66 minutes :::

"A Real Soapy Mess" is the continuation of the running battle between Jill (5'6" - 135 lbs) and Candi (5'7" - 135 lbs). This bikini wrestle is settled with a finishing sleeper and humiliating shampoo. But then it goes one step further: the loser is stripped, bound and photographed.

"Bully Girl" has Sasha, (5'5" - 135 lbs) and Sarah (5'5" - 100 lbs) in a topless best of three falls submissions match. The finishing holds included: over the shoulder back-breaker, leg-nelson and chin-lock. The loser was made to suffer the indignation of having her bikini bottom removed and then was gagged with it.

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