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::: SLV-052 :::
::: Big Girls Do Cry :::
::: One Sided :::
::: 70 minutes :::

The first match is a topless ring wrestle with big girl Chelsea (5'11" - 135lbs) against Niki (5'5" - 110lbs). This best of three falls match only went to two. A figure-four reverse neck scissors and reverse face-sit were the victory holds.

The next match had Chelsea squaring off against Rose (5'7" - 119lbs) in a submissions only topless ring battle. One-sided, dominating, wrestling was the highlight. Finishing submissions included: figure-four head-scissors, standing surfboard, reverse chin-lock sleeper, and waist- scissors sleeper combo.

Please note: Time has not treated the master of this video well... there is some loss of quality. These are still 2 eminently viewable matches but we have priced it specially at just 17.95 for the 70 minute download.

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