Womans World Wrestling Videos

::: SLV-633 :::
::: Nude to Win: Sarah vs Shelli :::
::: Domination and Humiliation: Mistress Rachel/Slaves Isis & Jane :::
::: 69 minutes:::

Nude to Win
Slender Sarah is pitted against the more muscular Shelli in this submissions match with a twist: after losing a fall the loser must forfeit an article of clothing. The end comes when one is naked and no longer able to continue. Finishing submissions included: strait-jacket throttle, reverse hangman, Boston Crab, Camel Clutch and reverse face sit.

Domination and Humiliation
Mistress Rachel decides to have her slave - girls Isis and Jane - wrestle for her amusement. The end comes with a reverse head-scissors. However the Mistress is not pleased and she decides to punish her slaves. Using a variety of face sits and pressure points the Mistress works the two over before leaving them tied together.

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