Womans World Wrestling Videos

::: SLV-504 :::
::: Woman's World Championship Match: Best of 7 Falls :::
::: Weapons of Smother: Best of 5 Falls :::
::: 76 minutes :::

Woman’s World Championship Match: Best of 7 Falls: Aquel vs Randi
The champion Aquel consents to a best of 7 falls submissions match with the challenger Randi. Aquel is extremely confident and enjoys the benefits of having a cornerwoman Suzanne. Five submissions were recorded: leg spread, atomic drop, siesta, leg lock and 10 count put out.

Weapons of Defeat: Best of 5 Falls: Jade vs Staci
In Weapons of Defeat Jade (5'9" 123 lbs) and Staci (5'6" 134 lbs) agree to a best of five falls submissions rules match. The siestas used to achieve victory included: breast, face and hand..

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