Womans World Wrestling Videos

::: SLV-469 :::
::: The Tipsy Jerk :::
::: The Interviewer :::
::: 83 minutes :::

In 'The Tipsy Jerk', bodybuilder bartender Christine brings home the obnoxious and tipsy Steve. He insists on being amorous so she decides to teach him a lesson in manners. She pins, scissors and foot covers him into seeing the error of his ways.

'The Interviewer' sees a pesty reporter (Quin) get more than he bargains for when he encounters fitness babe Sasha at the gym. Sasha not only provides an interview she also wrestles, boxes and uses pugil sticks to batter him. After having her way with him on the mat she marches him off to the shower and leaves him there to cool off.

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