Womans World Wrestling Videos

::: SLV-291 - 3 Custom Videos :::
::: Little Army Girl :::
::: Foot Dominators :::
::: One Fall Submission :::
::: 78 minutes :::

These 3 custom videos cover a wide range of interests.

In "Little Army Girl" we have the classic big girl (Robin 6'1" - 165 lbs) vs small girl (Sarah 5'5" -105 lbs) match up. Will Sarah's special Army training in "kicking big girl butt" be of help to her? Belly punches, crotch kicks, breast covers and grabs are all part of the fierce action.

In "Foot Dominators", Sasha and Jill take turns in foot domination and worshipping encounters. Both bikini clad beauties feel what it is like to be ground under the heel of the other.

In "One Fall Submission", Candi and Samantha tangle while their corner-girls (Fran & Sarah) bet on which fighter will leave her opponent beaten and naked. In the end there are two ladies left on the mat done in by a nasty standing head-scissor pile driver and a well administered clothes-line.

Special Price! Just 24.95 for 71 minutes of action!

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