Womans World Wrestling Videos

::: SLV-040 :::
::: Boston Crab :::
::: Sonya vs Christine:::
::: Christine vs Laurel:::
::: 59 minutes :::

In the first match, Australian bodybuilder Sonya (6'0" - 180 lbs) wrestles Christine (5'3" - 150 lbs) in a best of three falls challenge. The ladies wrestle in one piece suits. All three falls are decided by Boston Crab submission.

When bodybuilders Christine and Laurel (5'7" - 160 lbs) exchange insults during a pose down, they settle the matter in the ring. This best of three falls bikini match features the following finishing holds: grapevine pin, boston crab, bear-hug, back-breaker, and put out.

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